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EagleBank Bowl Dec. 20 Washington, D.C. 11:00 ESPN ACC #9 Navy/At-large Wake Forest Navy**
New Mexico Bowl Dec. 20 Albuquerque, NM 2:30 ESPN MWC #4 WAC Colorado State Fresno State*
St. Petersburg Bowl Dec. 20 St. Petersburg, FL 4:30 ESPN2 C-USA #3/4/5/6 Big East #5/6 Memphis South Florida**
Las Vegas Bowl Dec. 20 Las Vegas, NV 8:00 ESPN MWC #1 Pac-10 #4 BYU Arizona*
New Orleans Bowl Dec. 21 New Orleans, LA 8:00 ESPN Sun Belt #1 C-USA #3/4/5/6 Troy** Southern Miss*
Poinsettia Bowl Dec. 23 San Diego, CA 8:00 ESPN MWC #2 Pac-10 #7 TCU Boise State?
Hawaii Bowl Dec. 24 Honolulu, HI 8:00 ESPN Pac-10 #6*** WAC Northern Illinois? Hawaii*
Motor City Bowl Dec. 26 Detroit, MI 8:00 ESPN MAC Big Ten #7 Central Michigan NC State?
Car Care Bowl Dec. 27 Charlotte, NC 1:00 ESPN ACC #5/6/7 Big East #3 North Carolina** West Virginia**
Champs Sports Bowl Dec. 27 Orlando, FL 4:30 ESPN ACC #4 Big Ten #5 Florida State Wisconsin
Emerald Bowl Dec. 27 San Francisco, CA 8:00 ESPN ACC #5/6/7 Pac-10 #5 Miami (FL) California*
Independence Bowl Dec. 28 Shreveport, LA 8:00 ESPN Big 12 #7 SEC #8 UL-Lafayette? Louisiana Tech** Bowl Dec. 29 Birmingham, AL 3:00 ESPN Big East #5/6 SEC #9 Rutgers Western Michigan?
Alamo Bowl Dec. 29 San Antonio, TX 8:00 ESPN Big 12 #4 Big Ten #4 Missouri Northwestern
Humanitarian Bowl Dec. 30 Boise, ID 4:30 ESPN WAC ACC #8 Nevada Maryland*
Holiday Bowl Dec. 30 San Diego, CA 8:00 ESPN Pac-10 #2 Big 12 #3 Oregon Oklahoma State
Texas Bowl Dec. 30 Houston, TX 8:00 NFL Big 12 #8 C-USA #3/4/5/6 Notre Dame? Rice*
Armed Forces Bowl Dec. 31 Fort Worth, TX 12:00 ESPN MWC #3 C-USA #3/4/5/6 Air Force Houston
Sun Bowl Dec. 31 El Paso, TX 2:00 CBS Pac-10 #3 Big East #2/ND/Big 12 #5 Oregon State Pittsburgh**
Music City Bowl Dec. 31 Nashville, TN 3:30 ESPN SEC #6/7 ACC #5/6/7 Vanderbilt Boston College
Insight Bowl Dec. 31 Tempe, AZ 5:30 NFL Big 12 #6 Big Ten #6 Kansas** Minnesota
Peach^ Bowl Dec. 31 Atlanta, GA 7:30 ESPN ACC #2 SEC #3/4/5 Georgia Tech** LSU
Outback Bowl Jan. 1 Tampa, FL 11:00 ESPN Big Ten #3 SEC #3/4/5 Iowa South Carolina
Gator Bowl Jan. 1 Jacksonville, FL 1:00 CBS ACC #3 Big East #2/ND/Big 12 #5 Clemson* Nebraska*
Capital One Bowl Jan. 1 Orlando, FL 1:00 ABC SEC #2 Big Ten #2 Georgia Michigan State
Rose Bowl Jan. 1 Pasadena, CA 4:30 ABC BCS (Big Ten #1) BCS (Pac-10 #1) Penn State** Southern Cal**
Orange Bowl Jan. 1 Miami, FL 8:30 FOX BCS (ACC #1) BCS (At-large) Virginia Tech** Cincinnati
Cotton Bowl Jan. 2 Dallas, TX 2:00 FOX Big 12 #2 SEC #3/4/5/Notre Dame Texas Tech Mississippi
Liberty Bowl Jan. 2 Memphis, TN 5:00 ESPN C-USA #1 SEC #6/7 East Carolina* Kentucky
Sugar Bowl Jan. 2 New Orleans, LA 8:00 FOX BCS (SEC #1) BCS (At-large) Alabama Utah
International Bowl Jan. 3 Toronto, ON, CA 12:00 ESPN2 MAC Big East #4 Buffalo* Connecticut
Fiesta Bowl Jan. 5 Glendale, AZ 8:00 FOX BCS (Big 12 #1) BCS (At-large) Texas Ohio State
GMAC Bowl Jan. 6 Mobile, AL 8:00 ESPN MAC C-USA #2 Ball State Tulsa
BCS Championship Game Jan. 8 Miami, FL 8:00 FOX BCS #1 BCS #2 Oklahoma Florida

Teams 6-6 or better that need at-large bids: Bowling Green (6-6), Arkansas State (6-6), FAU (6-6), San Jose State (6-6)

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BCS Selection Process for 2007-2008:
The order of selection is as follows:
1. The top 2 teams go to the national title game and conference champs of the Big Ten, Big 12, ACC, Pac-10, and SEC go to their games.
2. The bowls that lose their automatic qualifiers get to replace them first. (The bowl that would have the #1 team goes first.)
3. The remaining bowls pick automatic qualifiers and at-large teams in the reverse order when they will be played (so, this year, the order is Fiesta, Sugar, and then Orange).

What is an automatic qualifier? Well, here are the criteria (in order):
1. You finish in the top two of the standings.
2. You are the champion of the ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-10, or Southeastern Conference.
3. You are a the champion of C-USA, the MAC, the MWC, the Sun Belt, or the WAC and you:
    a) Are ranked in the top 12
    b) Or are in the top 16 and ranked above a team that qualifies under rule 2.
    No more than one team meeting these provisions may get an auto-berth and the highest ranked team gets it.
4. Notre Dame will qualify if they are ranked 8th or higher.
5. If the 3rd ranked team has not earned an automatic berth by this point and there are less than 10 qualifiers, then that team gets it as long as no team in its conference is in the national title game.
6. If the 4th ranked team has not earned a berth by this point and there are less than 10 qualifiers, then that team gets it as long as no team in its conference is in the national title game.

If there are fewer than 10 automatic qualifiers, then any team in the top 14 with at least 9 wins can be picked as an at-large team.


The supposed ACC bowl selection criteria (warning, PDF; as of August 2008)

Overall eligibility: The NCAA Postseason Handbook (warning, PDF; as of October 2008) specifies that a school must be a 6-6 or better to qualify for a bowl. The handbook also specifies that any team with a winning record must be picked before a 6-6 team, both for conference contractual obligations and for at-large picks. Also, only one DI-AA (a.k.a. FCS) team counts towards a team's record. Therefore, schools that played two DI-AA teams this year (like Georgia Tech) must go at least 7-5 to be bowl eligible. Also, if a team schedule a game at Hawaii as a 13th game, this game does count towards the 6-win requirement, but it must have a winning record against DI-A teams. This year, this applies to Cincinnati, Washington State, and to Hawaii itself.
Also, there is what I call the "Sun Belt Rule", which states that 6-6 teams are eligible for bowls if they were conference champions and said champion is contractually obligated to go to a bowl.

The Gator/Sun Bowl situation: The Gator and Sun's 2006-2009 contracts specify that each of them takes 2 Big 12 teams and 2 Big East/Notre Dame teams during that 4 year span. Last year, the Gator took a Big East team and the Sun took a Big 12 team. In 2007, they reversed, keeping their options open for 2008.

1 = Sun Belt to the rescue! For 2008 and 2009, the Sun Belt will be the first source of back up teams for the following bowls: St. Petersburg,, and the Independence Bowl. Effectively, the St. Petersburg and bowl get Sun Belt #2/3 and the Independence gets Sun Belt #4.

?=at-large because some conference couldn't fill its bids
* = Accepted invitation
** = Predicted correctly
*** = Back up team is an additional selection from Conference USA (#7) if the Pac-10 cannot fill this spot
^ = now known as the Chick-fil-a Bowl
A team in bold indicates that I predicted the winner correctly
A team in italics means that team won the game, but was not who I picked
A bold score means that I actually managed to pick the score correctly